'Selfless... Inc.

("E.O" Oxymoron Corporation)

"We/'... always benefit the other before self."

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 The “giving” positively affects the “educational-experience needs” to offset the “residential experience” and positively impact the town’s budget to operate in surplus. 

 ‘Selfless… Inc. has a unique dynamic within its structural design, which causes the cyclical exponential effect to return to the "investor" with great quantitative multiplicity. 

'Selfless... Inc. promotes a better world!

"Educational Experience" consists of only all public schools and its staff.

"Residential Experience" consists of all (individuals and business entities) within a town/community.

The inevitable result is an "empowerment of surplus" that positively spirals upward from individual, town, state, nation, and ultimately global as cyclically returning to the individual exponentially.
(Important fact: approx. 50% of all town budgets go towards the public "educational experience" and 15% of the taxes are business paid partially, given no tax reduction loopholes)

About Us

‘Selfless… Inc. ("E.O" Oxymoron Corporation)

is a non-profit and the best way to explain “who” we are is through “what” we do.  'We... are a product of “simple complexities” and the best basic visual description of “what” we directly do is provided through using the analogy of "recycling" to illustrate the process and its logic.  'Our... structure’s design is unique in its ability to cause all of your giving to have a positive quantitative “cyclical” exponential effect on micro/individual to macro/national, but truly ultimately global. 

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Our Work Ideology ("E.O" Framework)

'.../We are the tangible manifestation that is needed to help cause the facilitation of “limitless abundant exponential” Return of Investment (ROI), and ultimately a true “E.O” (Exempt Organization/the eternal strife of a positive perspective despite all things, with continual effort to achieve it).  The ROI (return of interest) has abundant exponential greatness within all “selfless acts.”  In addition to all in the town/community and "educational experience," our “selfless acts” facilitate “Happiness” for the individuals that are "randomly" present to receive the benefit of this ‘Selfless… Inc. unique design act (True “Happiness”). 

"Our Work"

Important fact: Approximately 50% of all town budgets go towards the public "educational experience" and 15% of the taxes are business paid partially, given no tax reduction loopholes.

All person-entity contributions made are completely and directly paid by ‘Selfless… Inc.  to the U.S Department of Education budget expense, and all business-entity "contributed-investments" are made to its town accordingly.  'We... have zero employees/salaries, only 'volunteers... and currently only operate in the U.S, but all person-entity "contributed-investments" apply as stated to the according nation (expansion changes will be updated).  ‘Our… “Unique-design combination” structure of giving causes an "empowerment of surplus" to each entity at all levels using the “E.O” approach validly seen in its circle.  "Life is a series of linked events" and ultimately we indirectly provide a positive global effect through our unique structural design, which facilitates true “Happiness” to "all." 

In other words (Tangibly), the IRS tax system is made as a calendar year "investment institution" to "contributors" because ‘We… are what the IRS terms a “50% limit organization.” Certified tax personnel (accountants, etc) will advise accordingly on the type of contribution’s percent, and possible “Forward” time-duration.  The contributor potentially receives a cash “minimum maximum” 50% AGI deductible limitation (tax refund as equivalently comparable to a 1 year 50% "ROI"). ‘We… are a Public Charity “E.O” under section 501(c)(3) with contributions deductible to section 170 as the according IRS letter determines. 

Ps. 'Our... first global contribution is the discovery of Human Nature pattern as ‘Eternal Optimism…, which is the only global item that provides continual revenue as a "consumer need" of "appreciation-value," unlike a mere want.

Join Us

Ultimately, "you" (business entities and/or individuals) help facilitate “Hope,” “Love,” and “Happiness” for micro (individual) to macro (nation) but ultimately global through monetary "investments" that help us to directly provide the “positive change” for all with the ‘Selfless… Inc. “recycling.” ('We... only accept monetary "investments" through a U.S Federal Credit Union bank or the secure link below provided by Network For Good.)

(Person-entity) Click on the word "investment" to have greatest effect on self through giving to others... 

(Business-entity) Click on the word "investment" to have greatest effect on self through giving to others... (Business-entity "billion dollar plus" contributions see the Contact Us page)

"The ROI (return of "interest") has abundant exponential greatness within selfless acts!"
_Eternal Optimism