When is "more" ever enough? 

We/'... believe the idea of acquiring "more" to harness surplus is a false ideology and our corporation will prove that validly within the percentage of “ROI” (return of investment/donation) that compounds annually.  All countries use the "merchant-like" system (buy and sell GDP, oil etc) with false hopes to cause surplus. However, our structure will also stop unnecessary price inflation because although "more is never enough," true empowerment of surplus without expanding/acquiring more (locations/facilities etc) is seen in growth of monetary appreciation value that is an immediate effect of our “unique design combination.”  Economic cuts only leave gaps and holes due to removing or subtracting and that only takes away. Logically, subtracting is not adding to cause surplus, but the 'Selfless... Inc. structure causes exponential returns through 'Selfless... Inc "Random-Acts."  After all, being a “millionaire” is not quantitative, but surplus of your earned finance’s “freedom.”


Ps. We are the tangible manifestation that is needed to help cause the facilitation of “limitless abundant exponential” Return of Investment (ROI), and ultimately true “Eternal Optimism” (the eternal strife of a positive perspective despite all things, with continual effort to achieve it).  The ROI (return of interest) has abundant exponential greatness within “selfless acts.”